Qualification Acknowledgement

Landmark Real Estate (the “Landlord”) has provided the information listed below to assist our potential Residents in making the decision for their new home. Nothing listed in the information below shall constitute a representation that all current Residents and occupants have met or currently meet these guidelines. All persons over the age of 18 are required to complete an application and meet the requirements listed below which are subject to applicable laws. Landmark Real Estate’s qualification criteria are as follows:


Landmark Real Estate will not process an application without receipt of the non-refundable application fee. The Landlord does not guarantee the availability of the desired property, and the application fee will not be returned if the property is no longer available.


PROPERTY HOLDING. If the application(s) are approved, the Landlord will only hold the Property up to 15-days from the date of application approval. The application fee will not be returned if the desired move-in date exceeds the 15-day requirement.


IDENTIFICATION. All Applicants must provide a valid government issued photo identification card for each person 18 years of age or older.


OCCUPANCY. The federal occupancy standard is 2 persons (age 12 months and older) per bedroom per property.


CREDIT HISTORY. The Landlord obtains a credit report on each Applicant. The Landlord’s decision to not rent the property to the Applicant may be based on the information received and each applicant is notified if the application is denied based upon the information provided on the credit report.


CRIMINAL HISTORY.  A criminal background check will be conducted for each Applicant and Occupant ages 18 years or more. The application will be denied for any felony conviction up to seven (7) years prior to the application date (subject to local laws/requirements), or any felony conviction for sex- and terrorism-related offences, regardless of time.


VERIFICATION OF RENTAL HISTORY. The Landlord obtains information on prior rental history for each Applicant. It is possible that the application will be denied due to negative rental history or outstanding balances with previous Landlords.


INCOME. All Applicants must collectively have verifiable income in an amount equal to or greater than 3 times the monthly rental rate.

GUARANTORS will be accepted for Applicants who do not meet the required rent-to-income ratio are denied. Only one (1) guarantor per home is permissible. The Guarantor must complete an application and pay the application fee. Guarantors must have a gross monthly income of four (4) times the monthly market rent and meet all other qualifying criteria identified in this screening policy. The Guarantor will be required to sign the lease as a Leaseholder. Guarantors may be relatives or an employer; friends may not serve as a Guarantor.


OTHER APPLICANTS. In the event that a person over the age of 18 will be residing in the home but not signing the lease agreement or responsible for paying monthly rent, s/he will still be required to complete an application and be approved through a regular Criminal and Identification screening. The Primary Lease Holder will be responsible for ensuring that the Other Applicant complies with all property rules and requirements in the lease agreements.


PETS. The Landlord restricts the number of pets allowed at each property to 4 animals and certain restrictions and fees apply. Please contact the local branch representative for further details. These fees and restrictions do not apply to service or assistance animals.


RENTERS INSURANCE REQUIREMENT. Each Resident is required to carry a minimum of $100,000.00 personal liability insurance policy. ‘Landmark Real Estate’ must be named as the ‘Interested Party’ on the policy. Evidence of insurance coverage is required by the Resident’s move in date, and Residents are expected to maintain coverage throughout the entire lease term. Additional information on Renters Insurance requirements can be found on the Renters Insurance Addendum to Lease Agreement.


FAIR HOUSING STATEMENT. The Landlord follows all federal and state fair housing laws and guidelines, which prohibit, among other things, discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, handicap, or sexual orientation in the sale or rental of housing.


APPLICATION ACCURACY. All statements and information provided on the application are to be true, accurate, and complete. Any false, undisclosed, incomplete, or misleading information herein may constitute ground for application denial or rescreening.


ONLINE SERVICE E-SIGN DISCLOSURE. The Landlord may, at its discretion, make electronic disclosures available to the Applicant or Resident via the Landmark Real Estate website, or by e-mail, and may choose to send paper copies of disclosures even though they may have been made available electronically. The Applicant and/or Resident has the right to request information on paper and may do so by contacting the local branch in writing. The Applicant and/or Resident may update his/her contact information by sending the updated contact information in writing either via e-mail, or mail to the Landlord’s headquarters. The right to withdraw consent to electronic delivery is available at any time, but doing so will not affect the legal effectiveness, validity or enforceability of the electronic documents provided prior to withdrawal. All withdrawal notifications can be sent in writing to Landmark Real Estate via email, or send to: PO BOX 16153, Louisville Ky 40256. In order to receive electronic disclosures, a working connection to the Internet is required as well a working email address, a printer to print documents or sufficient hard drive space available to save pertinent information.


APPLICANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that failure to provide accurate or verifiable information can result in application denial, and the Applicant agrees that the criteria listed above will be considered in the qualification process. Applicants not meeting the minimum requirements listed above will be declined and the application fee will not be refunded. The Applicant also acknowledges that the Landlord reserves the right to discontinue or change the terms and conditions set forth in the Qualification acknowledgement and that the Landlord will provide notice of any such change as required by law.